Duluth, MN (March 6, 2024) For the sixth stop on the national tour this season team Judnick returned to W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the first time since 2021. Despite unseasonably warm temperatures in the 60s that could have canceled the event, the ISOC crew hauled in snow and worked around the clock to make it all come to fruition. The track featured an oval layout with only right-handed turns and because of the warm temps, was a mixture of snow, dirt, mud, and water. Because of the tight layout and conditions, the importance of a holeshot or top three start was heightened as there were limited passing opportunities and clear vision + staying dry was key.

Friday | Round 10

Thanks to a number one qualifying position, Harr was able to line up on the preferred inside gate while Kamm was lined up far outside. As the light turned green for Round 1, Harr drove up the inside of the pack to secure first early on while Kamm was pushed outside and required to lift to ensure he stayed on track resulting in an 11th-place start. As Kamm battled the chaos of a mid-pack start, Harr was upfront managing the race with ease as his lead grew over the field and by the end of the round was able to put almost an 11-second gap over second place, setting the tone for the night early on. Kamm salvaged an eighth-place finish when everything was all said and done.

Round 2 started questionably, as some riders appeared to jump the start, throwing the whole field off, however, the race was not restarted so riders were forced to adapt and race forward. Luckily Harr was still on the light and was able to maneuver himself into the top three early on and Kamm rallied behind for a top-ten start. The Swede got crafty, hitting the triple to perfection to pick off two riders and go from third to first in one straightaway where he remained for the rest of the race. Kamm powered through the pack and was able to better his previous effort with a sixth.

On a mission to sweep the day, Harr used the same inside line to muscle his way to the front by the first corner and click off laps from there for another dominant, standout performance. Kamm’s race told a similar story to the ones before, and he was able to hard charge his way to another sixth-place finish. For the third time in his career, Harr sweeps the day with top qualifier and 1-1-1 finishes in his rounds for first overall and Kamm gutted it out for 8-6-6 finishes for a respectable sixth overall.

Saturday | Round 11

The Judnick Boys kicked off the day on a high note setting the fastest and second fastest times in qualifying putting them side by side on the front row for Round 1. Keeping consistent, Harr shot out of a cannon on the start to his familiar spot of first as Kamm got pinched but strategically lifted and dove back under the field on the inside to come out third. Harr was faced with somewhat of a battle early on but was able to get the upper hand and pull back away from the pack. Kamm trailed behind, hoovering around the top three where he went back and forth with a couple of riders, having to play both offense and defense, until finishing in a hard-fought fourth position.

Both riders were slightly pinched off the start in Round 2 but used incredible heads-up riding and cut to the inside lanes where Harr sat fourth and Kamm in tow in sixth. Harr wasted no time in navigating his way around a couple of riders, riding the outermost edge of the track to get into second and in attempts to catch up to the leader. Relentless in his pursuit to the front, Harr swapped and switched inside and outside lines and lanes back and forth, bringing the battle for the lead down to the final two laps. Another good drive off the triple gave him a lot of momentum and speed entering the corner where he was able to duck inside and take over the lead to claim the win. Kamm again traded positions with riders back and forth for the eternity of the race and was able to walk away with a ninth.

Harr was leading the field by two points going into the third and final Triple Crown round of the night and was able to once more nail the start, finding himself in first on lap one. Kamm got out to another top-ten start and was able to pick off riders left and right up to his final position of sixth. With about two minutes to go, Harr was contested for the lead. Knowing the position was not imperative for the night’s overall win, he did not put up much of a fight and finished the race in second. Harr’s 1-1-2 finishes awarded him yet another first place overall and extended his points lead and Kamm’s 4-9-6 efforts put him seventh overall.

The team now has a weekend break before we head to Kamm’s home track of Lake Geneva Wisconsin on March 15th and 16th.

Round 10 |

HARR 1st

KAMM 6th


Round 11 | 

HARR 1st

KAMM 7th

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