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Looking for help with fleet service and fleet management? Let Blaine Brothers do the heavy lifting. Our team is here to provide you with high-quality, round-the-clock service and support to keep your fleet running smoothly.


If your organization relies on commercial vehicles to do business, having a knowledgeable partner to manage and maintain your fleet is critical to your success because trying to do it alone can lead to costly errors and lost time. That’s where Blaine Brothers comes in. We’ve been a proud member of the trucking and transportation community since 1979 and every member of our team is 100 percent committed to your success.

We treat our customers and partners like family because we know we’ll be seeing them over and over again during the life of their fleet. Knowing that we can help people achieve their full potential through our innovative approach to fleet management keeps us motivated every day and we’re looking forward to providing the same level of service to you.

When you come to us for fleet management services, we pledge to take a thorough look at your organization’s operations and find ways to help you increase productivity, reduce waste and save money using the latest and most advanced technology. Whatever the level of fleet service and maintenance you need, you can trust Blaine Brothers will have you covered and support you in every endeavor. Let us show you why we’re one of the premier resources for the trucking industry.

Fleet Service FAQS

How do you maintain a fleet truck?

Maintaining a fleet truck can be incredibly complicated depending on the level of detail the fleet manager requires. In most cases, fleet maintenance starts with a fleet manager and a fleet inspector. The drivers in the fleet will create regular usage reports and the fleet inspector will schedule maintenance or repairs.

In many cases, a business contract with a repair shop allows smoother authorization of maintenance and repairs. Oil changes and other routine maintenance can be easily planned for, but getting a driver back on the road with fast repairs and pre-arranged billing or payment is one of the biggest benefits of having managed fleet maintenance.

What does fleet maintenance mean?

“Fleet maintenance” means keeping the commercial vehicles used by your company in good condition. Fleet maintenance ensures that not only are expensive assets like vehicles well-maintained and running smoothly but that employees can operate them safely when needed.

How often should fleet vehicles be serviced?

The frequency of your fleet maintenance and service will generally be dependent on the amount of use they see. Just like personal vehicles, they should see at least basic service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, sooner if they drive under particularly harsh conditions.

The service that fleet vehicles should see, at a minimum, is the required oil and filter changes at appropriate intervals, as well as transmission fluid flush service and periodic tune-ups. These will help your fleet vehicles to keep operating smoothly and safely. Annual inspections are required in many areas, but many prudent fleet managers will schedule additional inspections to stay ahead of repair needs.

Why is fleet maintenance important?

One of the biggest concerns for larger organizations with many drivers is keeping those drivers on the road and operating safely. Becoming negligent with maintenance is one of the leading causes of mechanical failure, and sometimes those failures can create dangerous situations for the driver or others on the road.

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