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When it’s time to get your trailers inspected to meet federal and state regulations, turn to Blaine Brothers. We’ve been a proud member of the trucking and transportation community since 1979 and every member of our team is 100 percent committed to your success. We treat our customers and partners like family because we know we’ll be seeing them over and over again during the life of their fleet. Knowing that we can help people achieve their full potential through our innovative approach to doing business keeps us motivated every day.

We’re looking forward to showing you the Blaine Brothers difference and helping support you in achieving your goals. No matter what your needs are, our entire team is committed to taking excellent care of you, ensuring you can hit the road safely and with confidence. Let us handle your next inspection and get you set up on a schedule so you’ll always be in compliance.

Certified MNDOT & FHWA Trailer Inspections FAQS

Do I need a DOT number in MN?

You need a DOT number in Minnesota if you operate a commercial vehicle covered by one or more stipulations. If your vehicle meets any of the following conditions it will need a USDOT number:

    • If the vehicle or vehicle combination is more than 10,000 lbs in gross vehicle weight.
    • If the vehicle is of any size and mandated to display placards for hazardous materials.
    • If the vehicle is designed to carry more than 8 individuals, including the driver, for hire or compensation.
    • If the vehicle is used to transport more than 15 individuals, including the driver, not for hire or compensation.

Any semi-truck operator working for an intrastate carrier and driving a truck of more than 10,000 lbs must have a USDOT number. The DOT number must also be displayed on any vehicles that solely operate intrastate.

What is the purpose of FHWA?

The FHWA is the Federal Highway Administration, which is responsible for managing the construction, maintenance, and upkeep of the highways, tunnels, and bridges in the US. The Federal Highway Administration is also tasked with conducting all research needed regarding the highway system and assists other agencies, both state and local, to improve the safety and functionality of the highway system and promote engineering innovation.

Do trailers need license plates in Minnesota?

The state of Minnesota requires that all trailers that operate on streets or highways be registered and plated.

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