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Need a replacement liftgate or repair on your trailer? The highly trained technicians at Blaine Brothers are available to help you around the clock. Let us be your one stop shop for all your trailer service needs.

Liftgate Services

When you’re making a delivery or loading up your trailer, every minute counts and if your liftgate isn’t functioning properly, it can mean lost time and revenue. At Blaine Brothers, we’re committed to providing the best liftgate repair services in the industry at competitive prices. From basic maintenance to more complex issues, you can trust that our team of skilled technicians will work diligently to diagnose the problem and repair it using high-quality parts and products from the industry’s top manufacturers. We’ve been servicing trailers for more than four decades and we pledge to continue to serve our customers and partners with honesty and integrity for many years to come.

Why? Because we like to think of them as part of our family, and we view their successes as our own. That’s what keeps us motivated every day and we’re proud to be a driving force in the trucking community. When you need service on your trailer, we look forward to being of service to you. Give us a call today and learn why so many members of the trucking industry rely on Blaine Brothers for trailer maintenance and repairs.

Trailer Liftgate Repair & Replacement FAQS

How much does it cost to replace a liftgate?

Replacing the entire liftgate on a truck can be expensive. The total will depend greatly on what type of truck, liftgate, and other specifics are involved. In most cases, the total for having a liftgate replaced will be between $2,000 and $10,000 for an installation, and the removal of the old liftgate may be included in that total depending on the shop you use. The price for the liftgate will usually be decided by its lifting capacity, with higher-capacity lifts being closer to the $10,000 estimate.

Why is my liftgate not working?

There may be several answers to this question, and they will all require some degree of troubleshooting. Commonly, problems occur with the switch and the latch. If the liftgate is stuck closed and you can’t get it to open again after pressing the button on the fob or the liftgate, the switches aren’t likely to be the problem, since it’s unlikely that two switches would go bad at once. For hydraulic liftgates, it may be the motor or motor start solenoid, which is often indicated by a clicking sound when the switch is activated. If the motor runs, it could be a voltage issue, which could be even more complex to troubleshoot. The best way to diagnose the problem is to get it to a shop that deals with liftgates.

How long does it take to replace a liftgate?

The length of time it will take to replace your liftgate will depend on a few factors. The first is what type of liftgate you have installed already and how the replacement compares. Sometimes, the two will be similar enough that it will be a simple swap that only takes a couple of hours. Other situations will see the need for welding or other fabrication that can extend the installation time to several hours. Even for a fresh installation, it should take no more than a single day, commonly less, to have a new liftgate installed.

Can you fix liftgate struts?

Liftgate struts see a lot of dirt, road grime, and general wear and tear, so much so that they can eventually wear out to the point that they no longer hold up the liftgate. You can replace liftgate struts and, depending on the model of the truck, it can be incredibly easy. In many cases, the struts don’t require special tools or skills and can be taken off and replaced easily with common tools like a screwdriver.

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