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Haldex brake and air suspension products


Haldex has unrivaled expertise when it comes to brake and air suspension systems for heavy duty vehicles. Haldex has been developing technically advanced products for more than 100 years.

Haldex develops and provides reliable and innovative solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability in the global commercial vehicle industry. They are the world-leading supplier of brake adjusters for drum brakes and have the fastest growing market share for air disc brakes.

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Brake (Slack) Adjusters

Brake (Slack) adjusters are the central part of a drum brake and automatically control the distance between the brake lining and the brake drum.

Haldex Slack Adjuster

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes offer better stopping performance than drum brakes. Unlike the brake adjusters, which are only a component of drum brakes, Haldex manufactures complete disc brakes for both trucks and trailers.

Midland Air Disc brake Pads by Haldex. Developed for trucks, tractors, coach, and trailers. Midland air disc brake pads are quiet, safe and reliable with excellent fade resistance and recovery at moderate to high braking temperatures. All pads are FMVSS121 & ECE R90 certified.

Haldex Midland Air Disc Pads

Actuators and Brake Chambers

Actuators and brake chambers are available for both drum brakes and disc brakes. Haldex offers several versions, both with and without parking brakes.

Haldex Brake Chambers

Air Treatment Products

Air dryers are vital components in the brake system, where they clean and dry the air before its distributed to the air sub system. Haldex has a full line of air dryers and air dryer cartridges.

Concep separates dirt, water and oil before air is passed on to the air dryer, reducing the need for maintenance and spare parts.

RPV Valve reduces build-up of water, oil and other contaminates in the air reservoir. Valve automatically drains the air reservoir upon setting the parking brakes, or releasing the emergency air from the trailer.

Haldex Air Treatment Products