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Capacity Yard Trucks, Spotter Trucks & Yard Jockeys

Blaine Brothers is your full service dealer for Capacity Yard Trucks.

We stock new and used inventory for sale or rental. Our Capacity parts department and service department have qualified technicians to keep your Capacity spotter truck running and in service.

Blaine Brothers has received several awards throughout the years from the Rev Group (Capacity). At Blaine Brothers, we strive to not only provide you a Capacity yard truck, but partner with you throughout the life of your Capacity yard truck to keep it running smoothly.

We are an authorized Capacity of Texas Yard Truck dealer based in Minnesota. We service and ship globally!

We sell new and used Capacity Yard Trucks, Spotters, and Yard Jockey. Whatever the need is for your yard truck, spotter truck, shunt truck, yard horse, yard dog, yard jockey, yard goat, or yard mule; Blaine Brothers is your source for NEW or USED Capacity yard trucks, yard truck parts and yard truck service.

Capacity, The Go-To Yard Truck Customers Prefer

Since 1971, Capacity has stood the test of time and in the harshest environments, building its reputation upon the rugged durability of its products, the integrity of its people and its success through the most challenging of economies. Durability is the enduring bedrock and foundation that supports the Capacity brand pillars.  It is this core of rugged durability that encompasses everything we do, everything we are, and is the reason customers rely on Capacity.