June 25

Why It Is Important to Change the Cabin Air Filters in Your Heavy-Duty Semi Truck

When it comes to maintaining your heavy-duty semi truck, certain tasks often come to mind first: oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections. However, there’s one crucial aspect of routine […]

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May 30

How Often Should You Service a Reefer Unit?

Reefer units, or refrigerated trailers, are crucial for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Keeping these units in top working condition is essential to ensure the integrity of the cargo and avoid costly […]

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April 30

Keeping Cool on the Road: A Guide to Heavy-Duty Truck Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Welcome to our blog dedicated to the often-overlooked yet essential aspect of heavy-duty truck maintenance: the air conditioning system. While truckers brave long hours on the road, their comfort and […]

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April 12


Duluth, MN (April 11,2024) The series made its highly sought after return to Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota for an action-packed three-day season finale presented by Hayes Brakes. After being snowed […]

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April 11

A Deep Dive Into The 4 Main Types Of Welding

Welding is incredibly important for the trucking industry at large. There are circumstances where owner-operators and fleet managers will need repairs done to a truck or trailer, and welding is […]

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April 10


Duluth, MN (March 28, 2024) After a race weekend cancellation in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin due to lack of snow the weekend prior, team Judnick was eager to hit the track at […]

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