Duluth, MN (March 28, 2024) After a race weekend cancellation in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin due to lack of snow the weekend prior, team Judnick was eager to hit the track at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota for Rounds 12 and 13. With Mother Nature finally cooperating, riders were blessed with a larger track layout, more obstacles, and fresh white snow.

Round 12 |

The Friday night lights and action kicked off with Harr rocketing off the line, shooting up the center of the track, and projecting himself into the lead by the first corner in Round 1 with Kamm in tow in a three-way battle for a top-five position. From there, it was smooth sailing for Harr as he led from holeshot to checkers, however, Kamm had his work cut out for him as he battled for what felt like the entirety of the race to his final position of sixth.

The Judnick pair took advantage of a gap in the middle section of the track off the holeshot to sneak past competitors with Harr sitting in second and Kamm directly behind him in fifth at the start of Round 2. Kamm made quick work of a couple of riders as he dove under them in the corner to claim third early on while Harr went to work on the leader. Riding the outermost edges of the track and then making a quick switch to the inside line in the corner, Harr was able to pass for the lead where he’d stay for the remainder of the race. Kamm was able to capitalize on a mistake from another rider for second and despite a small mistake with a minute plus a lap to go where he was forced to play defense, walked away with a respectable second-place finish.

In the third and final round, teammates Kamm and Harr were lined up side by side on the inside lines and were unfortunately pinched off the start leaving them with their work cut out for them right off the get go. Nonetheless Kamm showed the same early race aggression and got crafty as he soared past riders to second place with Harr following in fifth. Harr once more worked the outermost lines of the track to hard charge around riders until finding himself behind his teammate in third. After some thrilling mid-race battles and both riders shuffling around the top five for a majority of the race, Harr caught fire as the clock wound down, overtaking the lead with just a minute to go as Kamm battled it out for sixth. Harr claimed his third consecutive overall win with 1-1-1 finishes and Kamm’s 6-2-6 finishes put him fourth overall for the night, just a couple points shy of the podium.

Saturday’s racing kicked off with a dog fight of a race in Round 1 as both riders had less than ideal starts, hoovering outside of the top 5. Following multiple race battles, chaos, lappers, and more, Harr was able to work his way to second and Kamm to sixth.

Harr lined up on the innermost lane off the start for Round 2 and it paid off as the field drifted wide, allowing him to duck under everyone to claim the holeshot. Some small mistakes while leading allowed riders to get past him, slightly derailing our Swedes efforts however he was still able to finish in a well deserved third place. Teammate Kamm ping ponged back and forth inside the top ten for a majority of the race and finished seventh.

Round three featured a tougher start as Harr was pinched off the holeshot and Kamm was momentarily stuck behind a down rider on lap one but despite that, Harr rallied the first few laps to work his way up to fourth and Kamm quickly regrouped to stay in the top ten. Harr swiftly worked his way into second where he’d finish the race and Kamm worked his way to ninth. Keeping his podium streak alive, Harr’s 2-3-2 finishes awarded him second overall and Kamm’s 6-7-9 finishes put him ninth overall.

The series will now have one weekend off before we head to Spirit Mountain in Duluth Minnesota for the season finale on April 5th-7th.


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