FAQ - How To Tell If I Have A Coalescing Filter In My Air Dryer?

While the majority of vehicles on the roads today have a standard air dryer filter in their vehicle, there is another type of filter that is much better for heavy duty trucks.

Oil coalescing filters not only remove water vapor from air lines, but they remove oil aerosols as well. They are very important now that newer trucks are needing cleaner air to run more efficiently.

To determine if you currently have an oil-coalescing filter in your truck, the best route is to climb underneath your truck and clean off the air filter to read if it says “Oil-Coalescing” on the filter. Another way to determine if you have an oil coalescing filter is to look up the specific product that you have currently installed.

If you’re looking to install an oil coalescing filter in your heavy truck or fleet of vehicles, contact Blaine Brothers today to schedule an appointment and we will make sure your truck’s airflow remains clean.

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