How Often Should You Service a Reefer Unit?

Reefer units, or refrigerated trailers, are crucial for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Keeping these units in top working condition is essential to ensure the integrity of the cargo and avoid costly breakdowns. Regular maintenance is key to achieving this, but how often should you service your reefer unit?

Maintenance Intervals for Reefer Units

Belt-Driven Units: For belt-driven reefer units, periodic inspections and servicing are necessary to maintain optimal performance:

  • Inspections: Every 750 hours of operation.
  • Service: Every 1,500 hours of operation or once per year, whichever comes first.
  • Oil Filter Change: Every 3,000 hours of operation or every two years.

Conventional Units: Conventional reefer units follow a similar maintenance schedule with slightly varied intervals:

  • Inspections: Every 750 hours of operation.
  • Service: Every 1,500 hours of operation.
  • Additional Inspections: Another inspection should be performed 750 hours after the initial service, followed by a full maintenance service at 3,000 hours.

By adhering to these schedules, you can prevent minor issues from escalating into major, costly repairs. Regular inspections help catch wear and tear early, allowing for timely repairs and replacements. This approach not only extends the lifespan of your reefer unit but also ensures consistent performance, which is crucial for temperature-sensitive cargo.

Why Regular Maintenance Matters

Regular maintenance of reefer units is not just about avoiding breakdowns. It has several key benefits:

  1. Cost Savings: Preventive maintenance can save significant money by avoiding major repairs and reducing downtime.
  2. Efficiency: Well-maintained units operate more efficiently, using less fuel and reducing operational costs.
  3. Reliability: Ensuring your reefer unit is in top condition minimizes the risk of unexpected failures, which can be particularly damaging if transporting perishable goods.
  4. Compliance: Regular maintenance helps in complying with industry regulations and standards, ensuring that your operations run smoothly without legal interruptions.

Professional Reefer Unit Services

Given the importance of proper maintenance, it’s advisable to entrust your reefer units to professionals. Companies like Blaine Brothers specialize in truck repair and refrigeration repair, offering expert services to keep your units running efficiently. Their experienced technicians can perform thorough inspections, identify potential issues early, and provide high-quality repairs and maintenance.


Adhering to a regular maintenance schedule for your reefer units is essential for ensuring their longevity and reliability. By performing inspections every 750 hours and servicing at recommended intervals, you can avoid costly breakdowns and ensure your temperature-sensitive goods are transported safely. For professional and reliable service, consider partnering with experts like Blaine Brothers, who offer specialized repair and maintenance services tailored to your needs.

Keep your reefer units in peak condition with regular maintenance, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cargo is always protected.

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