Jadens 2020 karting season start has been a successful one

We started Memorial Weekend in Cedar Lake and it was a big special. He races 2 classes there Jr 1 Animal and Jr 1 Clone – just different motors. He placed 2nd in the Animal out of 12 karts and the clone class was a pro class and he worked his way up to 6th out of 20 which made our whole weekend as there were several pro racers in his class.

The following weekend we went out to Rice Lake and after a VERY long race with lots of yellow flags, he placed 2nd. They had to call the race as the kids were running out of fuel. We stayed at a hotel and went to Cedar Lake again, it was a regular series and placed 2nd there also.

We had a weekend off and then we were back to Cedar Lake and it was kind of a rough day. There was this kid that unfortunately the last race got black flagged in one of the heats due to taking Jaden out on the last lap and for whatever reason made it his goal the next race to make him pay for that call and every chance he got by him he would just smash into him even on the yellow flags. This kid is also in both animal and clone with him. Let’s just say our brand new body kits that Jake freshly put on for this race were not brand new looking anymore. He got 4th and 5th. Jaden doesn’t get to upset but that race day got to him a little.  Hoping next Sunday is a little better.

Now, this last weekend we were all packed up to head to the Iron man race in Kansas City strictly for the experience, we were loaded up fueling up and they canceled. Jaden was pretty bummed as he had mom and dad all to himself and he’s a HUGE Cheifs football fan but we tried to make the most out the weekend for him. Atwater had the first race Saturday so we headed there and he clean swept it!!! Due to not many racing yet in MN they had a great turn out so he had I believe 11 karts in his class. Really good clean racing with all of the kids there. It was a close race but he drove the wheels off and I think he was pretty hungry for a win! J He did race his clone there and got 2nd so that was a good night!

That’s been our race recap so far. Like I said he bumped up a class and the Jr 1 you can be age 7-11 and he just turned 8 so I couldn’t be more proud of him. A lot of the kids are older and therefore more experienced, but he’s doing AWESOME!

This coming weekend Alex opens up Friday, then we’ll hit Atwater Saturday and make out way back out to Cedar Lake Sunday. Over the 4th of July, the guys decided they are going to give Kansas City another try as they rescheduled for then so that’s where we’ll be celebrating our 4th July.

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