Long Haul’s King of the Road

Blaine Brothers is a proud partner and featured in Season Two

Trucks keep the country moving. King of The Road gives viewers a chance to experience the great stories of the road, including the challenges, rewards, grit and glory of trucking.

King of the Road

“Look for the story of Blaine Brothers to be a part of season two of King of the Road. Our goal is storytelling, we want viewers on TV and social media to understand the challenges, the rewards, time-proven techniques to success and the glory of trucking. We want the average viewer to understand just how vital trucking is to this country and how companies like Blaine Brothers make it happen,” says JD.

Blaine Brothers

Blaine Brothers is made up of four separate business entities with nine modern service facilities strategically located along the region’s primary trucking routes. North American Trailer offers 24/5 in-shop truck, trailer and tank trailer service, full retail parts, mobile service and new and used trailer sales. TRUCKALINE offers complete frame, suspension and alignment services. Hydraulic Specialty provides solutions for all of your hydraulic needs in both the transportation and manufacturing industries, including complete truck mounted hydraulic services. With a professional team of over 300 people, our family of companies offers a wide variety of products and services to serve the commercial transportation industry.

Commercial Time

Give the 30-second Blaine Brothers spot that runs during the show a second watch.

The Blaine Brothers Story

Learn more about our family of brands in our segment from King of the Road.

Watch Season Two

Visit King of the Road YouTube TV channel, to view episodes of season two!

King of the Road TV

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