Leland Thyes With A Busy Weekend And His New Pro Turbo Can Am

The Leland Thyes Motorsports Blaine Brothers sponsored Pro Turbo Can Am team had a rough and long nights in the shop the last couple of weeks putting the new build together for the 2022 Championship Off Road Series with back ordered parts. They needed to finish the Pro Turbo Can Am showing up the day they had to load up and leave for Antigo. Leland packed the Semi and headed out. He got to Antigo and started to get to work putting the back ordered parts on and doing a once over on every nut, bolt and parts. Finally finished the Can Am at about 1:30am Friday morning. So with no seat time in the new build and switching from Polaris to a Can Am this year Leland headed out for a practice and to qualify for the Saturday race. He would end up qualifying in the 21st spot out of 28 Pro Turbos in the field. Saturday’s Race he started 21st and made his way all the way up to the 10th spot on lap 10 the on the last lap. Leland got taken out of the race by another car hitting them and going into a corner taking out the left rear tire that ended put them in 19th place for the race. On Sunday in round 2, Leland also started in 21st out of 28 pro turbos as the race started every lap would be a challenge and heavy battles lap after lap. Leland did a great job to avoid the trouble on the track and fought hard to make his way up to the 14th spot where he would finish for the day. Overall it was a great weekend with no testing or seat time in the new Pro Turbo Can Am but now it’s time to get more seat time and be ready for rounds 3 and 4 at the Big House in Crandon WI June 25th and 26th. Leland has a very fast pro turbo Can Am and he will be running up front soon so look out for the Blaine Brothers sponsored Pro Turbo Can Am in 2022!

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