New Home in Clearwater

The busy I-94 corridor is one of those routes the country relies on heavily—even if most consumers never realize it. Drivers and vehicles need to be at their best here, which is why Blaine Brothers and North American Trailer are so pleased to have completed construction on a brand new, state-of-the-industry facility built around what drivers need when they need it.

Six years ago, we opened a temporary location in Clearwater. As we grow and expand, it only made sense to support our industry friends with bays for truck and trailer service, a showroom for parts and the ideal mix of products that drivers need on the fly.

Bringing two of our brands, Blaine Brothers and North American Trailer, together in one building made the most sense. It’s the best possible way to offer all services together where they are needed most.

Blaine Brothers Clearwater will offer truck, trailer, tank, towing and emergency service. We strive to make customer service our priority. You want the job done right and it’s always nice to see a friendly face on the road. We pride ourselves on both.

Our new Clearwater location will be conveniently located at 750 Heaton Boulevard, behind the travel center. Drivers can plan a stop on their route to stock up on their favorite products, make a special trip to explore the showroom, or if something goes wrong out there, call for a tow. The Clearwater shop offers heavy-duty towing with its own dedicated tow truck and we’re committed to getting you into a bay and back on the road as smoothly as possible.

Blaine, MN


10011 Xylite Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55449

Cloquet, MN


1325 Hwy 45
Cloquet, MN 55720

Clearwater, MN


750 Heaton BLVD
Clearwater, MN 55320

Baldwin, WI


2500 Alreich Ave
Baldwin, WI 54002



9515 150th Avenue NE
Columbus, MN 55025