Blaine Brothers Family of Companies opens parts distribution center

Blaine Brothers Family of Companies opened a new parts distribution center. The over 25,000-sq.-ft. facility, located at 754 Vandalia Street, St. Paul, MN 55114, is centrally located between all nine of the company’s facilities directly between Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The new expanded space, designed for high efficiency, is fully equipped to stock a wider range of fast-moving parts while increasing the breadth of inventory, which will result in faster service and delivery. The facility will also serve as an additional will-call location and have daily deliveries to all of its counterparts.

“The new PDC will help us up the game in terms of having the parts our customers need,” said Tim Grabow, vice president, Blaine Brothers. “We can optimize inventory across our network of locations, so parts are where they are needed, increasing our speed to getting them in our customers hands and keeping trucks on the road.”

Today’s environment has created many challenges with parts procurement. The new distribution center will allow the company to have the correct inventory and needed parts.

“This will allow us to carry the depth of inventory on key parts, so, no matter what is going on in the supply chain, we can ensure that we have parts available for our customers,” said Dean Dally, CEO, Blaine Brothers.

To learn more about Blaine Brothers new parts distribution center, visit their website at

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