Blaine Brothers, North American Trailer launch B2B e-commerce site

Blaine Brothers and North American Trailer have launched their new e-commerce platforms for their B2B customers.

Stocked with more than 35,000 parts from carefully vetted suppliers, the new site offers the best in the business and provides a selection from the most trusted brands, the companies say.

“As an independent distributor of parts, we are proud to be on the front lines of delivering this new platform to better serve the industry,” says Tim Grabow, Blaine Brothers vice president.

With the goal to provide an accessible and efficient online experience for its customers, Blaine Brothers says it positioned the site’s design as a top priority. The navigation was optimized for easy visibility of suppliers and partners to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

“From day one we’ve looked for ways to better serve our customers, which means the ability to order parts online. As we continue to evolve, the goal is to keep customers on the road and cater to their current business needs by providing a solution or tool that enhances productivity,” says Wendy Sorquist, Blaine Brothers director of marketing. The site has been in the works for over a year, Sorquist adds.

“The e-commerce platform offers multiple convenient ways for our current B2B customers to receive parts when placing an order, with local delivery and in-store pick-up available as well as shipments to anywhere in the U.S.,” she says. “Blaine Brothers has implemented no-contact pick-up and delivery options. This allows customers to give detailed instructions when placing an order to remove the need for direct contact if desired.”

Blaine Brothers CEO Dean Dally says, “In these unprecedented times, when many businesses are being impacted, we know the transportation industry is an essential service and does not stop. From medical supplies, food, garbage and beyond, truck drivers are out there day in and day out ensuring deliveries across the country. America’s needs are moved by trucks and truck drivers and we are here to support the industry.”

Blaine Brothers and North American Trailer plan to launch the B2C portion of the e-commerce site in the third quarter of this year, Sorquist says.

To access the e-commerce site, visit or

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