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May 1

Blaine Brothers, other truckers calling Clearwater home

Located along heavily traveled Interstate 94 and only three miles off Hwy. 10, Clearwater is a prime location for those involved in the trucking industry. From contract haulers, freight shipping, […]

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April 27

Blaine Brothers launches e-commerce site

After a year of development, Blaine Brothers and North American Trailer have released an e-commerce platform to give B2B customers access to more than 35,000 high-quality aftermarket parts for the […]

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April 24

Blaine Brothers, North American Trailer launch B2B e-commerce site

Blaine Brothers and North American Trailer have launched their new e-commerce platforms for their B2B customers. Stocked with more than 35,000 parts from carefully vetted suppliers, the new site offers […]

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April 21

Blaine Brothers, North American Trailer Launch E-Commerce Site

Blaine Brothers and North American Trailer plan to launch the B2C portion of the e-commerce site next. Blaine Brothers and North American Trailer recently announce the launch of their new […]

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April 17

Heavy-duty data standard (Part 2): What’s in it for me?

Throughout the development of the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES), HDDA: Heavy Duty, a community of the Auto Care Association, has touted the standard’s benefits for many stakeholders within the heavy-duty truck industry. […]

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April 13

Parts Inventory Tips For Your Shop

In addition to our main story on parts inventory, Eight Common Parts Inventory Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, here are a few more tips for getting the most out of […]

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