Duluth, MN (January 30th, 2024) The tour headed to the westernmost stop of the series to historic Deadwood South Dakota at the Days of ‘76 Rodeo Grounds. A tight, bar-to-bar, bullring track that always breeds chaos and provides fans and crew alike with the utmost excitement. This year the track featured a new, elevated start and in usual Deadwood fashion, the racing did not disappoint.

Friday | Round 4:

For the second time this season, Kody Kamm topped Triple Crown qualifying with the fastest lap time, earning himself the number one gate pick in Round 1. Consequently,  #53 kicked off the night’s action and first round with an explosive holeshot putting his Judnick Motorsports Polaris ahead of the stout field. Kamm ran a strong race, withstanding the pressure from Elias Ishoel until three laps to go where Ishoel would squeak by him for the win and he would take a still impressive second-place finish. Despite a seventh-place start, Harr slowly and methodically passed riders left and right to pocket a hard-fought third place.

The roles were reversed in Round 2 as Harr rocketed off the line and quickly found himself in the top three as Kamm sat back in tenth. Harr swiftly got past the second-place rider and was able to ride his own race from there, securing that second place. Even with a tough start, Kamm gutted it out and rode all the way up to his final position of fifth.

The third and final round of the night featured almost a carbon copy race of Round 2 where Harr quickly battled within the top three and settled in from there. Kamm was left dealing with the chaos and battles that ensue in the mid-pack resulting in Harr with second place and Kamm in eighth place. When everything was all said and done, the dynamic duo stood second and third overall on Friday night’s Triple Crown Podium.

Saturday | Round 5:

The team was faced with the tough decision to sideline Kamm Saturday due to injury. It was in his and the team’s best interest to ensure a healthy, revived and revitalized #53 going into their next round and the rest of the season. With that, all eyes were on teammate Harr.

Round 1 – #31 was punchy off the line and captured the Stud Boy Holeshot. He soon faced pressure and got passed, but efficiently and effectively answered back to reclaim the top spot. From there, he opened up over a three-second gap on the field and set the tone early on as he set sail to a Round 1 victory.

With another flawless start, Harr railed the outside around the competition and once again found himself leading the pack. However, this time he had more pressure but kept his composure while under fire to go 1-1. Unfortunately, after further review from officials, Harr and another rider jumped under a yellow flag and were penalized.

In the third and final round Harr similarly executed the start to perfection, but the race was red-flagged after a serious first-lap incident on track involving two riders. After the medical hold, riders lined back up to give it another go. Harr was in the top three off the restart and was battling for second when an off would derail his efforts and put him in ninth. However, thanks to his earlier efforts, Harr still found himself on the podium with a third place overall.

Up next: Valcourt, Quebec for the Grand Prix de Valcourt for a Pro Only show on February 9th-11th.

Round 4 |

Harr- 2nd

Kamm- 3rd


Round 5 |

Harr- 3rd

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