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Weekly Racing Update from Blaine Brothers Sponsored Racing Team – Dave Mass

Friday night Dave was at Princeton Speedway, He started 1st in the heat and finished there. For the feature, he started in 8th and came in 2nd.

Saturday and Sunday night we raced at Viking Speedway, in both the super and late model.

Super Results- Saturday:

Heat started 3rd and won!

Feature started 6th and came in 2nd!

Late Model- Saturday:

Heat started 1st and came in 1st!

Feature, started 3rd and finished 5th!

Super Results- Sunday:

Heat started 1st and finished 1st!

Feature started 7th and parked it in victory lane!

Late Model- Sunday:

Heat started and finished 1st!!

Feature started 12th and came in 5th!!

This coming weekend we will be at Gondick Law Speedway in Superior for Friday night and Saturday night!

-Dave Mass Racing