Weekly Racing Update from Blaine Brothers Sponsored Racing Teams – Dave Mass

The past two weekends Dave decided to run the Fastlane Super Series; this is a series he won in 2017. Here are the results from the shows.
The series kicked off at Ogilvie Raceway on 7/13, Dave started 9th in the heat and won it. For the feature, he started 4th and took home 2nd place.
The next stop was Granite City Speedway on 7/14, Dave pulled out for the heat in 4th place and won. For feature time he started 7th and would park it in victory lane!
The third stop on the series brought Dave to Gondik Law speedway in Superior on 7/19. For the heat, he started 6th and won! Feature time Dave started 5th and would once again park it in victory lane!!
Saturday, 7/20 Dave went to ABC Raceway in Ashland, WI for the 4th stop. He started 6th in heat and won. Then he started 2nd and won, making it 3 wins for the series!
Sunday night was the final night of the series at Proctor Speedway in Proctor, MN. Dave went into this night with a 9-point lead. For his heat, he started in 1st and that’s where he finished. For the 30-lap feature Dave started 4th and would finish the night off in 3rd place.
After all 5 nights of the FastLane Superstock Series Dave Mass would become the 2019 series CHAMPION!!!
Thank you again for all your support that helps Dave get to race and do what he loves. We also handed out some Blaine Brothers apparel at the show and had a lot of happy fans!

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