Weekly Racing Update from Blaine Brothers Sponsored Racing Teams

This past weekend we competed at the King of Dirt at I94 Speedway on Friday night. There were 36 modifieds on hand. We started 5th in the heat and finished 2nd. This put us in the redraw and we were given the pole. In the feature, we took the lead right off the start and never looked back making it 3 years in a row winning the King of Dirt.

Saturday, we raced at Greenbush Raceway for the Advantage RV Modified Tour and there were 34 cars on hand. We started 1st in our heat and finished second, which put us in the redraw, where we drew 6th. At the start of the feature we got into second in a couple of laps and started to run down the leader. After a handful of laps, we caught the leader but could not get around. The caution came out and we got a good shot at the lead but could not clear the leader but had a 3-car battle for second. We fell back to 4th at one point but we were able to climb back to 2nd. With a caution with only 3 laps to go, we ended up losing 2nd place as we went for the lead on the restart, which caused us to lose a spot. We finished 3rd.

Sunday, we found ourselves at Bemidji Speedway for the second night for the Tour. Mother nature tried to ruin the night with a rain shower at race time but the track crew was able to get the track worked in so we could race. We started 2nd in the heat and came out with the win. We redrew 6th for the feature. We stayed around that 6th place position throughout most of the race and that is where we finished. The car was really good, but the driver made a few mistakes which cost us a better finishing position.

This weekend we will be at Ogilvie Raceway on Saturday for double features as we have a make-up from May. For the make-up feature, we will start on the pole, so we have a good chance to get our second win of the year.

A racing update from Jaden Anderson who races carts.

The last 2 weeks in June Ogilvie rained out.

The guys had some things off with the kart set up in Alex so one week he lucked out with a 3rd and the next he got 4th. The class averages 8-10 karts this year so it’s pretty fun.

Atwater has rained out a couple of times but the last week in June he went there, and the kart was flying that night he got 1st with his animal motor and 2nd with his clone motor.

Westport rained out last minute, so they ended up cruising to Cedar Lake that Sunday and put down some incredible lap times in his 2 heats and then for feature he got a little tired but still came out with a 3rd.

We got the 4thof July off at all the tracks, so we had so much fun at the lake for a nice long weekend!

We raced Ogilvie last Thursday and there he does Sportsman & Jr 1. He got 1st in Sportsman and 2nd in Jr 1.

Alex was a BIG heartbreak Friday night…he was leading the entire feature by a long shot and on the last lap he spun out. He has never spun out before it was so sad. BUT we went to big races in Alex Saturday night since Atwater wasn’t racing and big man Shaw was there and told him, buddy, it might have been the first, but it won’t be your last. AND it will make you a better racer. Then Don told me on his last lap all he could think about was Jaden and he’s like OMG I’m going to spin out now LOL. But he didn’t.

Sunday was just what my little man needed after his loss. We raced Westport and they do doubleheaders and he left there with a clean sweep. Raced 6 times total, 9 karts and he won every one of them! You couldn’t wipe the smile off his face!

So that’s been our racing journey so far!
Couldn’t be prouder!

We have Ogilvie Thursday, Alex Fri & Atwater Saturday, we will see what happens!

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